Greek Krater


Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Greek krater used to contain cremated bones in the North Gate necropolis of Castulo.

Inside the krater a ring of brass personal belongings of the person buried there was found. The crater was located in the centre of all component parts of the trousseau of the tomb.

It is Attic red-figures pottery, decorated with red and white figures on black background. This is a piece of high quality both in modeled form and its iconographic decoration, where we find a clear example of the reinterpretation of the Greek mythological scenes is from the Iberian culture. The main side depicts a scene from griphomachia in which two rampant griffins are fighting versus Arimaspians; and on the back there are a palestra scene, which represent young people dressed in himation. Both sides are framed in its lower area with geometric decoration, highlighting the existing palmettes below the handles.

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  • Title: Greek Krater
  • Date Created: -350/-300
  • Location: Archaeological Museum of Linares
  • Physical Dimensions: Width: 35 cm, Height: 33,7 cm
  • Provenance: Northgate Necropolis
  • Medium: Pottery


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