Guardian de los bosques

Elsie Wunderlich2015

Guatemala - Biennale Arte 2015

Guatemala - Biennale Arte 2015

The artist, painter and sculptor Guatemalan Elsie Wunderlich, studied Architecture, Painting and Drawing at the "National School of Plastic Arts" in Mexico City, attending courses with the masters Dagoberto Vasquez and Victor Vaskestler.
In 1995 she graduated in Art History at the University "Francesco Marroquin."
He studied sculpture with different artists, one of which is the master Max Leiva. From his works reveals a profound sensitivity to the natural world.
Painting is not the only means of expression of the artist. In fact it is the sculpture that it represents the natural elements come to life and give rise to dynamic structures and elegant, characterized by a strong sensuality. Sculptures Elsie Wunderlich uses only curves and roundness, shapes the material, adhering suggestively to human figuration. The latter is, however twisted, stretched or compressed with identification of the structural features and with highlighted the possible metamorphosis of the natural elements.
If the titles of the works there were a reference to the natural world, the verticality of these sculptures could suggest a stylization of the human body, as in the work "Guardian de los Bosques"; here, at the top, there is a face that blends with the crown of a tree, or sometimes located inside the petals of a flower. These sculptures show the man as the guardian of the nature and position of inferiority before the greatness of the latter, only art can groped a symbiotic union.

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  • Title: Guardian de los bosques
  • Creator: Elsie Wunderlich
  • Date Created: 2015