Gustav III, King of Sweden 1772-1792

Lorens Pasch the Younger1780 - 1789

The Royal Armoury, Sweden

The Royal Armoury, Sweden

The standing knee high portrait of King Gustav III shows him in his red Lesser Seraphim velvet dress. He carries the cross of the Order of the Seraphim, the shoulder band and the grand brilliant star, the shoulder band of the Order of the Sword, and the brilliant sign of the Knight Commander. The cloak is also decorated with the Seraphim grand star. The King is standing near by a table partly covered by the ermine brimmed mantle. The Kings hand is resting upon a grey hat with black and white plumes laying on the table. Behind the hat a half hidden royal crown is recognized.

The King wore this dress ones a year, at the day of celebration of the Lesser Order of the Seraphim that fell on the Monday before the Advent Sunday.

It is signed.

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  • Title: Gustav III, King of Sweden 1772-1792
  • Date Created: 1780 - 1789
  • Provenance: Bought at an auction at Bukowskis in 1969 by the foundation of the Royal Armoury.
  • Physical Dimensions: w960 x h1210 mm (Without frame)
  • Painter: Lorens Pasch the Younger
  • Description: The painter Lorens Pasch the Younger was appointed professor at the Academy of Art in 1773. He belonged to a well known Swedish family of painters: his father was Lorens Pasch the Elder, his sister Ulrika Pasch, and his uncle Johan Pasch. He was an apprentice of his father before 1752 when he left for studies in Copenhagen at the work shop of Gustaf Pilo among others. In 1757-64 he studied in Paris under i.e. Alexander Roslin. He stayed also in the Flanders, Haag and in Germany during the years 1765-66 before he returned to Stockholm in 1766. Besides Per Krafft the Elder, Lorenz Pasch was the most renowned portrait painter in Sweden during the Gustavian Era. As teacher he influenced a lot the development of art in Sweden at the time.
  • Type: Oil on canvas
  • External Link: http://emuseumplus.lsh.se/eMuseumPlus?service=ExternalInterface&module=collection&objectId=39314&viewType=detailView