Hamilton Heights-Sugar Hill Northwest Historic District

NYC Landmarks50 Alliance

NYC Landmarks50 Alliance
New York, United States

Dating from the 1880s, this district is a cohesive unit of row houses and apartment buildings, showing fifty years of shifting residential preferences. In 1881, developers erected row houses in a colorful array of styles including the neo-Grec, Queens Anne, neo-Renaissance, and Beaux Arts, which utilize a variety of materials. The first apartment building in the area remains at 468 West 153rd Street, designed by Henri Fouchaux as a companion to three row houses on the street. Built in 1886, it was one of the architect's first commissions. In the early twentieth century, five- and six-story apartment buildings were constructed, and the brick and limestone facades integrated into the larger streetscape. The only free standing house (1887) in the district is located at 448 West 152nd Street. ©2014

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  • Title: Hamilton Heights-Sugar Hill Northwest Historic District
  • Photo Credit: Jessica Ouwerkerk
  • Image Caption: Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill Northwest: West 153rd Street, south side between St. Nicholas and Amsterdam Avenues
  • Designation Date: Designated: June 18, 2002
  • Borough: Manhattan

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