Hand Designed Book Presented to Victor Sams


North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club

North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
North Bondi, Australia

1945 Anual report mentions "One of our happiest functions was a Welcome Home Smoko to our ex-Service members. A very pleasant night was enjoyed under circumstances which were of the brightest nature.

A feature of the evening was the wonderful gesture of the ex-Servicemen in taking the opportunity of recognising the services of our President with the Autographed Address and Presentation, also mementos to the members of the Comforts Fund Committee and Mr A.W. Oldfield in recognition of their able services to the Comforts Fund.

A beautifully hand-designed book told the story of the commitment of those who stayed behind and the feeling of camaraderie and curiosity about the fortune of fellow Club members which every North Bondi serviceman took with him when he joined up. This book is with the rest of the North Bondi archives in the Mitchell Library. The citation read:

"Presented to Victor G. Sams. By the Returned Servicemen of World War II (1939-45). As an expression of the high esteem in which you are held by us all, together with our deep appreciation of the excellent service you have rendered to we the members of the armed forces during the arduous year of war. 8th June, 1946.

It was due to your organising ability, wise counsel and super-human efforts that the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club Comforts Fund, which so ably looked after the needs of weClub members in the Services, stood out as an organisation which we know was unsurpassed by any other similar body.

We news hungry servicemen far away from home will always remember with joy and gratitude that "SAMS MONTHLY NEWS SERVICE" which was published and forwarded to us by your sole efforts."

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  • Title: Hand Designed Book Presented to Victor Sams
  • Date Created: 1946-06-08
  • Inventory: 2E_0309