Hannamnu gate(Namhansanseong Emergency Palace)

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

The main entrance of Namhansanseong Emergency Palace, Hannamnu Gate, is a two-story structure built in 1798 by Hong Eok (1722-1809), the Yusu (Special Administrator) of Gwangju, who wanted it to be a stately architecture as befitting a royal palace. A photograph taken by Hippolyte Frandin (1852-1924), the French consul to Korea during the late nineteenth century, shows the gate and its name plaque, a verse couplet carved or written on a plank which is put on a pillar, and tall foundation stones. Four of these original stone column bases can be seen in the front part of the current building. The name of the gate and the well-wishing prayers on the name plaque and front columns were written by the calligrapher Jeong Do-jun and carved by master woodblock engraver Lee Gyu-nam (Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage of Gyeonggi-do No. 40). According to Jungjeongnamhanji (The Revised Records of Namhansanseong), the contents of the column prayers are as follows.

守一城講龍虎韜 Giving a lecture on the strategies used by dragons and tigers to defend a fortress,
鎭百里閱貔貅士 [He] looks over his tiger warriors ruling over a hundred-li-wide area.
大將軍御下威信 Great warriors command their men with nobility and trust, and
良刺史宣上恩德 Good governors promote the favor their king bestows on the people.
是地兼繭絲保障 This land promotes silk weaving and ensure people’s safety, and
暇日則雅歌投壺 People sing and play the pitch-pot game when there is no work.
縱未能復讐雪耻 You may fail to get revenge on your enemy and recover your honor,
恒存着忍痛含寃 But you must endure pain and never forget the bitterness inflicted on you.

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  • Title: Hannamnu gate(Namhansanseong Emergency Palace)