Hector Molina's Vegetable Garden

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Héctor Molina left his job to sell oranges and clementines on the internet from home farms, until in 2009 he embarked with José Polo de Bernabé and Borrás in the recovery of the first commercial tangerine that arrived in Spain in 1835, specifically to his people, Villareal (Valencian Community). It was the germ to create the company el3ments and a bank of germplasm of a thousand references. His fruits and vegetables have earned the approval of renowned chefs, but he is considered something of a rare breed in a region where 8 hectares of arable land are abandoned every day.

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  • Title: Hector Molina's Vegetable Garden
  • Location: Villareal (Castellón, Spain)
  • Rights: Hector Molina