Hepkha village visualisation

Tom Chandler and Brent McKee (Monash University)900/1400

SensiLab, Monash University

SensiLab, Monash University
Melbourne, Australia

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A visualisation of the village of Hep Kha in the south of Angkor, based on archaeological surveys. In this image, the triple towers of a walled and moated local temple can be discerned to the centre left of the image. A number of trapeang (ponds) extend to the east and just north of the temple, and a canal cuts diagonally across the upper right of the image.

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  • Title: Hepkha village visualisation
  • Creator: Tom Chandler and Brent McKee (Monash University)
  • Date: 900/1400
  • Location: Southern area of Greater Angkor, near the shoreline of the Tonle Sap lake