Here and There. Birzhevye Vedomosti

Léon Bakst1910/1910

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery

Judging by reviews of Paris newspapers, the success of Diaghilev’s performances is beyond any doubt.
In the last months, theatrical sections and satirical articles of French newspapers have been flashing with the names of Fokin and Bakst.
But even more curiously, our ballet’s success has influenced the latest Parisian fashion.
Following a luxurious staging of Scheherazade with stage and costume design by Bakst, the Parisian shops were flooded with “fashion novelties” in the Persian and Indian style.
Yesterday I met a ballet dancer who returned from Paris, and, among other things, noticed his fantastic colorful Orient-style tie.
“It’s all the rage now! These ties are in great demand now. “Bakst” ties have appeared in all fashion stores. Indeed, no one could ever expect that our success would cause a revolution in the sphere of… fashion.
Just imagine: Bakst is now really besieged by Parisian ladies, artistes in particular, begging this “fashion artist” to design their costumes.
You can already see elegant French ladies in Persian and Indian style dresses in the streets as well.
It goes without saying that a large share of this fashion’s success can be attributed to the news that his drawings and set designs for Scheherazade will be bought by Louvre’s Art decoratif section… To celebrate this event, famous artists Rodin, Besnard, Dethomas, as well as certain participants of the “Fall Season” are giving a banquet in honor of our fellow country man in the days to come…
These artists are particularly interested in Bakst’s costumes that amaze with their power, unexpectedness, elegance, fantastic flair and absolutely special combination of colors…
In view of unforeseen success of Scheherazade Diaghilev decided to include it in the second series of performances which now will consist of Cleopatra, Sylphide, and Scheherazade…”

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  • Title: Here and There. Birzhevye Vedomosti
  • Creator: НБ ГТГ. Архив газетных вырезок Л.С. Бакста.
  • Date: 1910/1910
  • Location: Санкт-Петербург


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