High chair

Circa 1920

Calthorpes' House

Calthorpes' House

Child's high chair of dark stained oak with a slatted back and a lift-up tray at the front. The chair has a drop-in seat with grey 'waterproofed' cloth cover and wood bar across front forming a footrest.

Dawn Waterhouse (nee' Calthorpe) recalls that the high chair was bought for her sister Del and that the family has photos of it being used in their first home in Queanbeyan. Dawn also remembers being fed in it in the Breakfast Room and kitchen. The chair had a 'Cat and Fiddle' oil cloth mat on the tray. The chair was used by all the grandchildren and can be seen in many family photos.

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  • Title: High chair
  • Date: Circa 1920
  • Physical Dimensions: H: 984 W: 405 D: of seat 340
  • Medium: Furniture