Horses and Figures

Candido Portinari1956

Projeto Portinari

Projeto Portinari
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Composition in black and white. Contour lines and little shading. Traces short, fast, study character. Performance horses and figures on white background. In the lower half of the composition, center, horse visa back with body 3/4 on the right and profile head. Leaving the horse's neck from the base, we see faint outline of another neck and head facing down, as if the animal was grazing. Above the horse, two very stylized figures - D.Quixote and Sancho Panza - a sitting and another kneeling. The one sitting on the floor legs have turned to the left and the on the left elbow resting on the floor. The other figure, smaller and more rounded, is kneeling, facing to the right with arms stretched toward the seated figure. On the left, behind the kneeling character, seen from the rear horse with body 3/4 on the right and profile head.

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  • Title: Horses and Figures
  • Date: 1956
  • Location Created: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Physical Dimensions: w10.5 x h16.5cm without frame
  • Provenance: João Candido Portinari
  • Rights: João Candido Portinari
  • External Link: Projeto Portinari
  • Theme: Nature:Animals:horse, human figure:figure, diverse:literary character:D. Quixote, diverse:literary character:Sancho Panza
  • Technique: charcoal
  • Signature: Unsigned and undated
  • Painter: Candido Portinari
  • Number: FCO 1701
  • Inscription: On reverse, inscription "Estudo para ‘D. Quixote’, de Candido Portinari”.
  • Function: Study for the drawing “Sancho Panza Equipping Don Quixote” [FCO 1222]. Don Quixote Series.
  • Catalogue Raisonné: CR-3758