Hunting gear, Still Life

Anthonie Leemans1661

The Royal Armoury, Sweden

The Royal Armoury, Sweden

Still life with hunting gear hanging on nails on a dark brown wall, rather symmetrically arranged. The items gives an illusion of being real things, ready to fetch for next hunting game as a tromp l´oeil.
On the nail to the left there are two falcons' hoods hanging together with a dog-whip of leather, while the nail to the right shows lather straps (leashes?), a rope and two small lark-pipes in steal. On the central nail hangs a large heap of objects: on top one birdcage for the decoy a bird is vaguely discernible inside. On the outside there is a water bowl of ceramic attached. Underneath a French horn hanging in a leather strap there is a horn of an ox in straps of blue silk with tassels. At its' mouth piece to the left there are three long black flutes hanging. At the lowest part a white game-bag is seen decorated with straps, fringes and tassels in blue.

It is signed: The artist's signature is read in upper right corner: "A.Leemans F // 1661".

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