Illuminated Frontispiece

15th century

Chester Beatty

Chester Beatty

This poem was produced for the Mamluk Sultan of Egypt, Qayt Bay (r.1468-95). It extols the many virtues of the Prophet, that "he surpassed all other prophets in manly form and moral qualities" and that "no one has ever attained his rank in knowledge or in generosity". The poet, al-Busiri, ends by begging God to pardon him and all those who read his poem.

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  • Title: Illuminated Frontispiece
  • Date Created: 15th century
  • Physical Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Location Created: Cairo, Egypt
  • Original Source: Chester Beatty Library
  • Rights: © Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin
  • Collection Number: CBL Ar 4168, f.1b
  • Additional Description: Al-Kawakib al-durriyya fi madh khair al-bariyya (The Shining Stars in Praise of the Best of Creation)