Imin jinyeondobyeong


National Gugak Center

National Gugak Center

○ Painted in 1902 (the 6th year of Gwangmu), possessed in the National Gugak Center
Court banquets and rituals in the royal palace were always performed on the basis of strict formalities, so the music and dance in the court rites varied along with the rules, types, and sequences of the rituals. Music and dance in the court banquets were aimed to balance the order between king and the retainer, and to harmonize with the people.
This 10-page folding screen describes a royal family banquet called Jinyeonrye, held in the palace to memorize King Gojong's entering to the organization of civil ministers of senior grade, giroso, at his age of 51. The scenes of giroso are depicted on the first to fifth page, and the scenes of jinyeonrye ceremony are depicted on the sixth to ninth page. The names of staff members who managed the ceremony are listed on the last page.

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  • Title: Imin jinyeondobyeong
  • Date Created: 1902
  • Location: National Gugak Center, Seoul
  • Physical Dimensions: 61.0cm*199.0cm