Immortals Celebrating Birthday

Xia Shuijin



This work portrays the scene of immortals coming from all directions to the Heavenly Palace to celebrate the birthday of the Queen Mother of the West, known as the Queen of Heaven in Chinese mythology, on March 3rd of Chinese lunar calendar.
The magnificence of the grand scene is illustrated by dividing characters mainly into groups from three directions, namely, the sky, the land and the sea. A sense of vitality is injected into the composition when element clusters and blanks are arranged on the same image in a pleasant manner, and it is also interesting to see the dozens of Chinese deities are placed in different groups based on their identities.
The characters standing shoulder by shoulder, towering buildings, lush trees, flowing clouds and waters are all meticulously depicted, with the lustrous colors of silk threads adding to the mysterious immortals and the fairy land. Thanks to the ingenious design, refined stitches and the brilliant palette, a splendid and sumptuous fairy land with picturesque sceneries, the representative of people’s ideal land of happiness, is brought right in front of the viewers’ eyes.

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  • Title: Immortals Celebrating Birthday
  • Creator: Xia Shuijin
  • Type: Suzhou embroidery
  • Physical dimensions: 64cm x 210cm
  • Location: Suzhou
  • Date: 1991