In a palm forest close to Aswan

Ellen DeGeneres1901

Hallwyl Museum

Hallwyl Museum


In the photograph, we see Walther von Hallwyl, an unknown person, Wilhelmina von Hallwyl, Ida Uhse and Irma von Geijer.

Walther is dressed in a white Cheviot suit, which had been ordered especially for the journey, and the obligatory pith helmet. There is no documentation about the ladies’ attire, other than the packing list preserved in the Hallwyl Museum archives. Based on that list, we can guess that they are wearing linen skirts with cotton blouses, and that underneath they have some form of chemise and drawers, or a combination along with a petticoat. On their feet they have stockings and boots. The parasols are meant to protect them from the sun.

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  • Title: In a palm forest close to Aswan
  • Creator: Ellen de Maré, née von Hallwyl
  • Date Created: 1901
  • Location Created: Aswan, Egypt
  • Original Language: Swedish
  • Subject Keywords: Tourism, Egypt, Travellers, Aswan, Travel dress, Travel clothing
  • Original Source: Image number: DIG 8005
  • Rights: Public Domain
  • Medium: Photography