Incidental Space


Switzerland - Biennale Architettura 2016

Switzerland - Biennale Architettura 2016

Kerez’s «Incidental Space» attempts to explore the outer
limits of what can be achieved in architecture today. How can you use the medium of architecture
to contemplate an architectural space that is entirely abstract and as complex
as possible? How could this kind of imaginary space even be visualized, and how could it
be produced? The goal of this project was not to create a built space using any specific
construction method, design method, or spatial program. Instead, with the help of an abstract
architectural objective, it aimed to produce an «atomized» space, a small space
with maximum possible complexity and with infinite interior extension – a space whose
visual character cannot be something easily decoded, that doesn’t depict or represent
any other space, that defies univocality and withdraws from any unambiguous legibility. In
short, Christian Kerez sought to create a space that in no way corresponds to what architecture
has hitherto considered to be architectural space.

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  • Title: Incidental Space
  • Date Created: 2016
  • Rights: Photo by Keystone