Installation of Indian and Pakistani Truck Art

Daljeet Singh2013

Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum

The colourful and picturesque installation showcasing the intricate artwork done on the trucks in India and Pakistan. The installation consist of front exterior covering and side doors of a truck creating a three dimensional effect. The art of decorating trucks is very popular in Pakistan and India, its origin being in 1920's Pakistan, the inspirations have been usually derived from nature as well as calligraphy. This adornment of vehicles has developed into a popular art form and cultural practice. The bright and vibrant colours are used to express dreams and aspirations through couplets, pieces of poetry, motifs and animal and human forms etc. The trucks are also decorated with mirrors, bangles and other paraphernalia.

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  • Title: Installation of Indian and Pakistani Truck Art
  • Creator: Daljeet Singh
  • Date: 2013
  • Location: India
  • Physical Dimensions: Reflective tape, metal and cloth, 300cm x 397cm
  • Type: Object