Interior with Women beside a Linen Cupboard

Pieter de Hooch1663


Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

The sun lights up the canal houses outside, while in the darker interior a girl plays ‘kolf,’ a kind of hockey. Two women stack freshly pressed linen in a closet. The linen cupboard had an important place in the home. The lady of the house carried its key with her and ‘handed out the sheets’: she called the shots and was in charge of the household.


  • Titre: Interior with Women beside a Linen Cupboard
  • Créateur: Hooch, Pieter de
  • Date de création: 1663
  • Dimensions physiques: doek
  • Mots clés du sujet: organisatie van het huishouden; werk van de huisvrouw
  • Droits:

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