Isolated Village

Suh Yongsun2011

Korean Art Museum Association

Korean Art Museum Association

Through traces of a dried stream in a mountain located at Gyuram-Ri in Jeongseon, this work is an individual record in order to analogize a result of its reaction and untangle the time conundrum, The black video media without colors is probably intended not to overlay any bias and intentions on the memory of the past life.

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  • Title: Isolated Village
  • Creator: Suh, Yongsun
  • Date Created: 2011
  • Type: Media
  • Length: 4min 22sec
  • Critic's Note: Recently, Suh, Yong Sun has been very active in producing paintings. It is possibly because he retired from teaching and now enjoys more freedom. Anyhow, he is expanding his view as an artist, frequently traveling back and forth from the United States, China and Japan. Yet, the objects he is attentive to and the subjects of his focus are the affairs of ordinary people. These scenes are made by a variety of people all over the world. I may say it this way, Suh constantly speaks about his interest with people. Is there a single motive that is done by a human that is not political? The same applies to Suh Yongsun’s works. Suh turns his eyes, or attention, here and there, and develops works of art that relay some political messages to us. Maybe the messages themselves don’t maintain a specific political motivation. However, the people and the cities that he paints, or the scenes of the mixture of people and cities, have the power to catch the viewer’s eyes. They are also full of suggestions, as if the work wants to deliver certain political messages, albeit unclear ones, to us. Suh, Yong Sun, who used to show stark and mechanical urban scenes, and created historical and political scenes related to King Danjong, now turns his eyes to the people overseas.
  • Artist's Education: Seoul National University. Korea. M.F.A., Painting.

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