It Came From Benghazi

Jeff Gates2014-06-07

Chamomile Tea Party

Chamomile Tea Party
Washington, DC, United States

In the spring of 2014, the warm weather was on its way and with it the beginning of Hollywood's blockbuster summer season. In many respects, Washington, DC is like Hollywood: stars with mega-egos all vying for our attention.

In the summer of 2014, critics (and the GOP) were looking forward to the debut of IT CAME FROM BENGHAZI: The House of Representatives' investigation of the events at Benghazi, Libya. Fact or fiction? Was then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, responsible for the deaths of three Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya? Or were these investigations politically motivated? It was sure to be as interesting as any episode of House of Cards. But, at what cost to taxpayers? Interestingly, nothing came of the investigation.

The posters in this series reflect the conflicts the American political system has been experiencing during the turbulent period between 2010-2018. They are meant to encourage an exploration and a dialogue about the cultural minefield we now find ourselves in.

In 2017, suddenly the Republican-led government faced its own Benghazi: the killing of four American soldiers in the African nation of Niger. And, just as suddenly, there was silence.

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  • Title: It Came From Benghazi
  • Creator: Jeff Gates
  • Date Created: 2014-06-07
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