Jackie Kennedy Onassis How Could You?

Martin CJ Mongiello2016-11-11

The Presidential Culinary Museum

The Presidential Culinary Museum

The are signs seen on Highway 226 in North Carolina for the," Jackie, How Could You?" exhibit hosted by the Presidential Service Center Museum with Presidential Culinary Museum.

Exploring inappropriate behavior in society, wrongful conduct and the public shaming of women like Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis spans many attempts in history to put women in their place.

Supposedly some place that some females and males think they should go to, like a kitchen to cook a meal, or a laundry room to have pants cleaned or a bedroom to satisfy a man sexually. Or that women should not speak aloud, should not work and should not lead a company or a country – ever. Or that this is a sin according to the Bible that human males published - and the filth of sin is the destruction of the earth and universe. The celebration of Satan is cataclysm and blackness spread across the world.

Under American law, Jackie lost her Secret Service protection by re-marrying. Under the Greek Orthodox Church law, Jackie had to sign a paper about Christianity, and it’s teachings controlled and not to be that of her former church, “or you don’t get married.” When she did marry, they called for her excommunication and the newspapers headlines across the world read, “Jackie, How Could You?”
The recent denigration of ladies at the dinner table in the White House, on the front pages of newspapers and from the highest male leaders of churches encompass sin, filth, pornography and disgrace. Even First Ladies have been castigated in letters for sleeping in the same room as their husbands such as Betty Ford, or Dolley Madison for showing the disgrace of her neck in public. Some have been ejected from their church in shame and disgrace. Jackie often thought of as a simple-Simon, petite, quiet-voiced, woman, broke numerous barriers. On one occasion in France, she began speaking perfectly fluent French with President DeGaulle. The President made a funny joke about, “he was just visiting with his wife, to see France!” On another trip to Venezuela, she shocked when she conversed with migrant workers there. Jackie helped publish numerous books at Viking and Doubleday such as those below by Naguib Mahfouz winning the Nobel Prize.

Jackie also helped restore the Metropolitan Museum’s Egyptian Wing, restored the Broadway Theater District, the Central Park Conservancy, worked to develop the American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center and got outwardly involved with saving New York’s Grand Central Station from being demolished. So much so that she lobbied legislators in New York and DC to put a stop to such demolitions. Jackie felt it was wrong to allow developers to wrecking ball any building they want at any time.

Jackie was a kind lady, beautiful, distinguished and powerfully unafraid to lead.
See more on the complete digital side of this exhibit at the Presidential Service Center go to www.presidentialservicecenter.org where the rest of this presentation is explained.

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  • Title: Jackie Kennedy Onassis How Could You?
  • Creator: Martin CJ Mongiello
  • Date Created: 2016-11-11


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