Jahan Ara Begum Book Cover: Jahan Ara Begum

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A biography by Zia ud-din Ahmed Berni, it is one of the most detailed and definitive accounts of the life of Jahan Ara Begum. Published in 1920 (1319 Hijri by the Islamic calendar), it throws light on the trials and times of the princess marked by tragedies and betrayals. It describes in detail the difficult period after her mother Mumtaz Mahal's death and the close bond she shared with her brother Dara Shikoh. Her many political endeavors, the rich poetic legacy, her house in Agra and the books she wrote all form the narrative of the book. Perhaps the highlight of the book is the correspondence between her brother - Aurangzeb and her in the form of letters. They shared a strained relationship and eventually he imprisoned her till she died.

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  • Title: Jahan Ara Begum Book Cover: Jahan Ara Begum
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