Janki Bai

Archive of Indian Music1880/1934

Archive of Indian Music

Archive of Indian Music
Bangalore, India

Curiously titled ‘Chappan Churi’ because of the 56 scars that were allegedly made on her face by a lover who felt rebuffed when she did not respond, Janki Bai of Allahabad was one of the most leading Hindustani vocalists and most popular singers to record on the gramophone. She was also a talented poet and composed a book of Urdu poems called ‘Diwan-e-Janki’, Along with her famed contemporary Gauhar Jaan, Janki Bai had the privilege of performing for Emperor George V at the Delhi Durbar in 1911. Janki Bai sings the Chaiti ‘Nahin Bhulai tumhari sooratiya’ set in Hindustani language. Don’t miss her announcing loudly at the end of the recording: her characteristic signature ‘Mera naam Janki bai Allahabad!’

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  • Title: Janki Bai
  • Creator: Archive of Indian Music
  • Date: 1880/1934
  • Location: Allahabad