Jewellery set: medallion and bracelet

Kazimieras Simanonis1975 - 1975

Lithuanian Art Museum

Lithuanian Art Museum
Vilnius, Lithuania

Medallion: Clear amber piece in a jewellery metal
frame with a plant-motif ornamental chain.

Bracelet: Two pieces of clear amber with carved whitish
inserts in an analogous ornamental frame, with a metal band.

K. Simanonis (b. 1937) treats amber jewellery as a
luxury, representational object that is not worn every day, but only on special
occasions. The artist revived engraving in his jewellery pieces, as well as
incrustation and the filigree and cast silver techniques which particularly
suited this unevenly shaped mineral. His jewellery pieces are asymmetrical,
feature different surfaces, and are dynamic and expressive.

jewellery artist is a recognized Lithuanian art figure. He was born in 1937 and
graduated from the Tallinn Institute of Art in 1965 (specializing in metallic
fine arts). He has been participating in exhibitions since 1965. One of his first
shows of personal works was in 1973 in Palanga. He created decorative metal
works for interiors and many jewellery pieces from noble metals and amber. He
has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union since 1970 and lives in


  • Title: Jewellery set: medallion and bracelet
  • Date: 1975 - 1975
  • original title: Papuošalų komplektas : medalionas ir apyrankė
  • amber master: Kazimieras Simanonis
  • Museum Collection: Palanga Museum of Amber
  • Provenance: Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Type: Accessory
  • External Link: Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Medium: Amber, metal, mixed techniques


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