Kaarkurutinytja, Lake MacDonald

Tatali Nangala1997

Museums Victoria

Museums Victoria

Tatali Nangala's painting depicts two ancestral or 'dreaming' women hunting goannas at Kaarkurutinytja, or Lake MacDonald, situated several hundred kilometres west of Alice Springs in Central Australia. The two women unearthed a number of burrows, but could not find any goannas. They subsequently travelled to the Kintore Ranges and came to rest at Warman rockhole. The u-shapes at the top, bottom and side of the painting represent the women as they hunted for goannas.

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  • Title: Kaarkurutinytja, Lake MacDonald
  • Date Created: 1997
  • Physical Dimensions: w1220 x h1535 x d20 mm
  • Type: Object
  • Rights: Copyright: Tatali Nangala. Source: Museum Victoria. Indigenous or Cultural Rights apply, Non-Exclusive Licence: Source: Museum Victoria / Artist: Tatali Nangala. Indigenous or Cultural Rights apply
  • External Link: Museum Victoria
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Subject: Aboriginal art
  • Artist Information: Tatali Nangala, a woman of the Pintupi group, was born at Kungka Kutjarra (Two Woman) rockhole near the Kintore Ranges in Central Australia, circa 1928. She met Europeans for the first time as a young woman after walking with members of her family into the ration depot of Haasts Bluff in 1956. There she married the celebrated Aboriginal artist, Charlie Tarawa, with whom she later moved to the Aboriginal community of Papunya. Tatali began painting in 1995 when she took part in the Haasts Bluff/Kintore Women's Painting Camp and subsequently became a prolific artist in her own right. Her work is represented in a number of major Australian cultural institutions including the Art Gallery of NSW, Flinders University Art Museum, National Gallery of Victoria and Artbank.
  • Artist: Tatali Nangala


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