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Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory


  • Title: Kami Naidoo-Page
  • Story: 1996 Milnerton, Cape Town THE MANDELA IN EACH OF US In all of us is a flame; unity in a spark; In all of us is a shimmering light; hope in the dark; In all of us is the vibrant bond of humanity; It navigates our soul as a ferry; asking no levy; Demanding as its only fee, freedom and integrity; Because the mark of a leader is greatness in humility. Call him what you like, Mandela, Madiba or Tata; Search for him as you like, he is not to be found in one person; Some values surpass the body, living only through unison; Do not call for Mandela, rather shout for compassion; Do not look for Madiba, rather search for love and passion; Do not listen for Tata, instead focus on the soul of every human; The rhythm of our hearts beating in every man and woman; The blood of this nation flowing in each us. This is the lesson to be learnt, and the teacher is wise; Even with brain and brawn, a person is just a person. However, bring a million together, add that spark of unity; And you will find that united we stand, but divided we fall; And even though each individual flame is not so tall; Together the fire burning in our hearts can illuminate the earth. We should always remember that a man, any man, remains mortal no matter his achievements. His values however, can be timeless, elevated to that higher meaning through our shared existence, our way of life and the manner in which we treat others. That is what Mandela’s message is, no to look up to him, but to inspire ourselves to join the universal values he stands for. As Mandela himself said: “One issue that deeply worried me in prison was the false  image that I unwittingly projected to the outside world; of being regarded as a saint. I never was one, even on the basis of an earthly definition of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”
  • Quote: "Do not call for Mandela, rather shout for compassion."
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