This trowel is part of Alexander Keiller͛s archaeological excavation kit that included measuring tapes, and drawing equipment. Alexander Keiller was a flamboyant millionaire with a passion for archaeology. He inherited his fortune from the family marmalade business and became fascinated by archaeology while looking at aerial photographs of the front during WW1. Inspired by the prehistoric landscapes of Wiltshire, he purchased 900 acres of land around Avebury. He began excavating at Windmill Hill but later began excavating at Avebury itself. He restored many of the stones in the Avebury stone circle as well as the West Kennet avenue. He established the Morven Institute of Archaeological Research and in 1938 he opened a museum in the stables at Avebury Manor before selling the estate to the National Trust in 1943. Caption: David Dawson (Wiltshire Museum)

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  • Title: Keiller's Trowel Keiller's Trowel
  • Location: Alexander Keiller Museum, Alexander Keiller Museum
  • Rights: Alexander Keiller Museum

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