Keiskamma Art Project, Keiskamma Guernica, detail

Keiskamma Art Projects2010

Social Fabric

Social Fabric

Blankets can still serve as a tool of political protest in today's South Africa. In mid 2000s with South Africans decimated by HIV/AIDS, the government closed many rural clinics as both a cost-saving and a misguided health administration measure. This necessitated patients to travel using costly and undependable public transport, which meant that for some it wasn't just the clinic closing but all healthcare access. The members of the art collective Keiskamma Art Projects expressed their anger at the government and grief for lost loved ones through this artwork. This is a detail from the work, showing the birds.

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  • Title: Keiskamma Art Project, Keiskamma Guernica, detail
  • Creator: Keiskamma Art Projects
  • Date Created: 2010
  • Location Created: Hamburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Provenance: South Africa
  • Fashion Show: Social Fabric felt/feel project part 1
  • Type: photograph, of an artwork, detail
  • Photographer: Robert Hofmeyr
  • Original Source: Social Fabric
  • Rights: Social Fabric
  • Medium: found textiles, used blankets, wire, metal plates, thread