Kesi with Curly Peony Branch

China National Silk Museum

China National Silk Museum

Kesi is a silk tapestry literally meaning “cut silk”, named for the cut-like edges of patterns on the foundation weave. This piece of kesi, believed to be part of a garment, features one thin curly branch with two peony blossoms in full bloom. Between the two flowers lies an extra-large leaf pattern, in which there is a pair of peacocks biting flowering branches. The lower area separated with the peony branch with a beaded string is adorned with two floral medallions, one of which is themed on birds resting on flowering branches while the other unrecognizable due to fraying.

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  • Title: Kesi with Curly Peony Branch
  • Location: China
  • Location Created: China
  • Type: Textiles
  • Materials and techniques: Silk
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Dimensions: 86cm x 28cm