Khadiravani Tara

10th Century

Indian Museum, Kolkata

Indian Museum, Kolkata

The two-armed Khadiravani Tara is standing on a lotus pedestal. Her right hand is in the varada mudra, while the left holds the stem of a utpala. She is accompanied by Asokakanta Marichi and Ekajata. The inscription on the pedestal reds: 'This is a gift of gods; by the pious devotee Bhatta Ichchha, the son of Bhatta Naho. May the merit abiding in this, contribute to the well beings with his father and mother at the head! The second year of King Sri Ramapaladeva, 28th day of Vaisakha.'

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  • Title: Khadiravani Tara
  • Date: 10th Century
  • Location: Indian Museum, Kolkata
  • Physical Dimensions: 120 cm x 60 cm x 25 cm.
  • Provenance: Bihar, India
  • Type: Sculpture