Kicker magnet installed in its vacuum tank



Geneva, Switzerland

The kicker magnet installed in its vacuum tank (with cover removed) in straight-section 97 of the synchrotron. Here the magnet is in the withdrawn position ; each time before it is pulsed it is pushed further into the tank, so that the proton beam traverses the gap between its upper and lower pole pieces. Anton King and Pierre Pugin are seen making some adjustments to the actuating mechanism.


  • Title: Kicker magnet installed in its vacuum tank
  • Creator: CERN PhotoLab
  • Date Created: 1963-04-10, 1963
  • Contributor: GenevaCERN1963-4
  • Medium: Film, Photographic negative
  • Link to Internal Document: http://cds.cern.ch/record/1728611
  • Internal Reference: Rubrique: Date Planche:4 63 De:77 A:79
  • Comment: Album with images scanned from original photo negatives

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