KYOK flyer featuring sponsors and deejays

Archives of African American Music and Culture

Archives of African American Music and Culture

"We had a number of sponsors out there, and we put out these flyers. All the disc jockeys that you see on here--Hotsy Totsy, Dizzy Lizzy, and Zing Zang--they advertised this particular product. This one happens to be for [Carling's] Black Label [Beer] and Red Cap [Ale]. We put these flyers out into the neighborhoods. We'd go around to all the neighborhood's various places like stores, shops, and places like that. We'd pass them out so the people would be familiar, not only with the voices, but the faces as well. The name Hotsy Totsy was not the actual man's name, but was given to the show itself. It happened many years ago when they found out the show got really hot where they made thousands and thousands of dollars. Soon the disc jockeys left town and went to other regional stations who offered them much more money. Then [the stations] said, 'We got Hotsy Totsy and Zing Zang here.' So then they got smart and stopped naming the person [and named] the show itself so that when you leave, you leave the name there, and you can't take it anywhere with you. We had contracts that said we couldn't work within 150 miles of Houston at the same time. We had to go somewhere else. Now as to whether that was legal, I don't know"--George Nelson photo identification interview.

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  • Title: KYOK flyer featuring sponsors and deejays
  • Location: Houston, Texas, United States
  • Physical Dimensions: 8in x 10in
  • Type: Photograph
  • External Link: http://purl.dlib.indiana.edu/iudl/photos/VAC2427/PA000269
  • Medium: Black and white
  • Special collection number: SC 89
  • Special collection name: George Nelson Collection
  • Corporate name: KYOK (Radio station : Houston, Tex.), Carling Brewing Company