Kyungso Park | Welcome To My Table

Into the light

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Korea Arts Management Service

As a gayageum player, composer and improviser, Kyungso Park sways between traditional and   contemporary art – a truly preeminent contemporary musician. She is known for expanding the scope of gayageum music and challenging its often traditional role in Korean cultural expression. Having debuted in 2004, Park’s collaborations and performances have spanned a variety of genres, from jazz music and avant garde improvisation to experimental music, gayageum sanjo(an improvised instrumental solo from the   late Joseon era), creating her own unique style of music. She has given concerts throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, and has made released five albums, including the LP “Dung-tta(2011)” and the deluxe edition of her newest single “Be My Neighbor(2014)”. Through these various artistic collaborations, Park has asserted herself as a leading, dynamic force in Korean musical culture.

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  • Title: Kyungso Park | Welcome To My Table
  • Creator: Into the light

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