Large Portrait of a Mother

Letizia Fornasieri2008

Museo Diocesano Milano

Museo Diocesano Milano
Milano, Italy

  • Title: Large Portrait of a Mother
  • Date: 2008
  • Provenance: Private Collection
  • Physical Dimensions: w200 x h130 cm
  • Painter: Letizia Fornasieri
  • Description: This large painting has one of the most dear and intimate subjects depicted by Letizia Fornasieri. A painter who has always been close to the figurative style of the twentieth century, and in particular to Italy of the first half of the century, Fornasieri prefers subjects related to places, environments, and people from everyday life. The real-life subjects are, however, charged with their own content. This painting depicts a mother, resting on the bed while reading in the privacy of a room in her house. A familiar and intimate figure, she seems to emerge from memory through the expressive distortion of shapes and colors, an important part of the artist's technique. Currently not on display.
  • Type: painting
  • Rights: © Archivio fotografico Museo Diocesano, Milano
  • External Link: http://www.museodiocesano.it/collections/opere-di-varia-provenienza/
  • Medium: olio su tavola