Leaflet, No Vote! No Tax!

Women's Tax Resistance League, Francis and Co., and Letcher, Gladys1909-1914

Museum of London

Museum of London

Leaflet issued by the Women's Tax Resistance League, headed with the League's motto 'No Vote! No Tax!'. The Tax Resistance League (TRL) was formed in 1909 to conduct a campaign of organised resistance to taxation. The argument of the League was that if women were liable to pay tax, they should also be given the right to vote in parliamentary elections and influence how those taxes were spent. The League attracted primarily middle-class professional women, such as Doctors, who were liable to income tax and rates. By 1910 it had 104 members. Those who refused to pay tax were liable to the seizure of goods equivalent to the value of taxes owed. When these goods were sold at public sales members of the TRL would buy back the seized items and return them to their original owners, often only for them to be seized again.

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