Little Yao

Yang Feiyun1982

CAFA Art Museum

CAFA Art Museum

From his youth, Yang Feiyun has always stuck to creating oil paintings in the classical style. Whether it was during the New Wave in the 1980s or the New Art movement in the 1990s, Yang and his paintings always stayed outside the currents of time. As various art trends and schools pass by, Yang always consciously keeps to his ideal, staying true to his faith in art. To Yang, Classicism is not just a kind of realistic, aesthetic expression, but a crystalline representation of faithfulness, wisdom and ideals. The delicate, meticulous forms of Classicism embody a greater nature and noble spirit that never fail to arouse people’s higher ideals and confidence.
--- With reference to Zhang Xiaoling's article 'In pursuit of eternity'

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  • Title: Little Yao
  • Creator: Yang Feiyun
  • Date Created: 1982
  • Physical Dimensions: 93×75 cm