Looking for Something Else

Jeff Gates2015-05-25

Chamomile Tea Party

Chamomile Tea Party

The GOP promised smaller government but didn't deliver. The Democrats have a convoluted primary system with "Super Delegates" who wield an inordinate amount of power. Donald Trump is an egomaniac. Both Hillary Clinton and Trump have pasts, and many question how effective Bernie Sanders would be in the toxic atmosphere of Washington. Both parties are to blame for the standoff which produces lackluster candidates. But not equally. It's an "asymmetrical polarization." The GOP has moved much further to the extremes than the Democrats. And this makes it very hard for any compromise.

The Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements, to say nothing of progressives and blue-collar workers, are demanding changes—big changes: more job creation, racial and income equality, and a country where our tax dollars go to enriching our society instead of funding misguided wars and oligarchs. The voters are sick of politics as usual. They are looking for something else: something the establishment is reticent to give us.

The posters in this series reflect the conflicts the American political system has been experiencing during the turbulent period between 2010-2018. They are meant to encourage an exploration and a dialogue about the cultural minefield we now find ourselves in.

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  • Title: Looking for Something Else
  • Creator: Jeff Gates
  • Date Created: 2015-05-25
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