Madonna and Child Enthroned with St. Julian and St. Catherine of Alexandria

Agnolo Gaddiaround 1385 - 1390

Museo Diocesano Milano

Museo Diocesano Milano
Milano, Italy

  • Title: Madonna and Child Enthroned with St. Julian and St. Catherine of Alexandria
  • Date: around 1385 - 1390
  • Provenance: Alberto Crespi Collection
  • Physical Dimensions: w57.6 x h84.6 cm
  • Painter: Agnolo Gaddi
  • Description: Agnolo Gaddi, who was the head of a very famous workshop that filled commissions for panel paintings and frescoes, was active both in the Castellani Chapel of Santa Croce in Florence, and in the Cathedral of Prato. He was the greatest diffuser of the trends of Florentine painting at the end of the fourteenth century, anticipating the refinement of expression typical of the local leaders of the late International Gothic such as Gherardo Stamina and Lorenzo Monaco. At the center of the panel, dated 1385-1390 by historians, the Madonna and Child sit on a throne upholstered with a richly decorated red cloth. The Virgin is tickling Jesus under the chin, while the baby grabs her veil, following the usual iconography of this artist’s studio. The same motif also appears in the panel painting of the Madonna and Child with four saints preserved in Berlin. There are two saints that stand one on each side of the throne: Julian on the left with sword in hand, an allusion to the patricide he committed; and Catherine of Alexandria on the right with a book and the palm of martyrdom. Both figures are human types characteristically used by the painter.
  • Type: painting
  • Rights: © Archivio fotografico Museo Diocesano, Milano
  • External Link: http://www.museodiocesano.it/collections/collezione-crespi/
  • Medium: tempera on wood