Madonna mia proteggimi


Outdoor Project

Outdoor Project

The delicate aesthetic research of the South African artist Faith47 completely takes over the long corridor, as if it has always been there, and suddenly emerges form it.
As if to protect time going by, changes, the location and all the artworks found in the Dogana, this hieratic figure of a woman dominates the forces of the sea and marine monsters wrapped around each other; mythological creatures which seem to run away under her impressive weight.
Magestic, she is laying on a turbulent waive that is about to sweep a large boat transporting not only goods, but also people that are running away.
A long red string that takes us on a journey to South Africa, which is also evoked by the writings on the lateral walls; messages casually left there and found again by the artist under bridges in the outskirts of Cape Town. Between mythology and real life stories, "Madonna mia proteggimi" conducts the spectator along the corridor of the Dogana with no fears. Capable of uniting inspiring sources far removed from each other - like the heterogeneous Roman aesthetic with the Latin inscription, to the Michelangelo-like concreteness of this contemporary Mother Nature, and all the way to real-life stories that may be distant to us - Faith47 has rendered us a unique work that carries with it poetic beauty.

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  • Title: Madonna mia proteggimi
  • Creator: Faith47
  • Date Created: 2014-10-25