Madonna with the long neck

Parmigianino1534 - 1540

Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery
Florence, Italy

Commissioned by noblewoman Elena Bajardi in 1534 for the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi in Parma, and placed there in 1542, though the panel was left incomplete (as stated in the inscription). After being offered to Cardinal Leopoldo de' Medici in 1674, it remained in the church unti1 1698 when it was sold to Grand Prince Ferdinando de' Medici. Brought to Paris by the Napoleonic soldiers in 1799, it was returned to the Galleria Palatina in 1815. It has been in the Uffizi since 1948.

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  • Title: Madonna with the long neck
  • Creator: Parmigianino Mazzola
  • Date Created: 1534 - 1540
  • Style: Renaissance / Mannerism / Altarpiece
  • Physical Dimensions: w600 x h730 mm
  • Original Title: Madonna con Bambino e angeli, detta Madonna dal collo lungo
  • Type: painting
  • Medium: Oil on panel