Magdalena Bay, Svalbard

François-Auguste Biard1839

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum

A view of Magdalena Bay in Svalbard in a partially snowy landscape. Even tho the landscape is snowy and cold, we can assume that this painting is showing a spring or even summer landscape, since there Svalbard is so far north that there is no daylight during the winter months.

The bay was first named the Tusk bay after the Dutch explorer William Barents (whom the Barents Sea was named after), found a walrus's tusk upon landing in the bay in 1596, then after the English explorer, Robert Fotherby claimed the bay for King James I of England in 1614 it became Maudlen Sound. Finally, later the same year a Dutchman, Joris Carolus renamed the fjord Mari mag. where it now gets is name the Magdalena Bay.

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  • Title: Magdalena Bay, Svalbard
  • Creator: François-Auguste Biard
  • Date Created: 1839
  • Location: Magdalena Bay, Norway
  • Physical Dimensions: 17x46 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Oil on canvas