Mixed Codes

Lech Wolski1995/1995

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The Mixed Codes painting by Lech Wolski is an abstract composition, comprised of numerous signs and symbols that fill the image circle, uniformly and densely. The signs have been accumulated and piled up, and depicted as if in layers; some of them have been calligraphed distinctively with thin strokes of paint of visible texture, while others have been blended into the background, blurred and vague. The layers of signs complement each other and create an organised structure of palpable dynamics, which make the surface vibrate and pulsate dynamically. The painting was made on canvas, using oil paints in yellow and olive colours, and is distinguished by luminosity and inner illumination.
As the title of the work suggests, the signs form partially distinct sequences and belong to various codes and systems of notation, resembling hand-made notes, hieroglyphs, or mathematical equations. They speak in multi voices, as if in multiplied speech, which sounds like a melody, but one can only distinguish individual words in it. [F. Pręgowski]

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