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The critically-acclaimed duo Miyeon and Park are artists of structured improvisation based on jazz, contemporary and classical Korean music. They have been actively performing since the mid 90's.
They have released numerous albums. -with Kang Tae Hwan(a.sax),Satoh Masahiko(pf),Lauren Newton(voice),Otomo Yoshihide(gt,elec), Simon Nabatove(pf),Wadada Leo Smith(tp).... Notably, their duo album "Queen and King" was awarded top 10 in 21st century's Korean Jazz music by "Jazz People" magazine in 2005, "Dreams From The Ancestor" in 2008 was awarded the Best Crossover Album and the Best Instrumental Album in the Korean Music Awards in 2009, and "生"(Saeng) in 2010 was newly released.
They both studied classical and contemporary music composition in Joongang University. In addition, they also studied Korean traditional Pansori, Shaman music and Samulnori. Then, They went on to incorporate these components into the European Contemporary and Jazz music to pioneer the new style of music. The pianist of the duo, Miyeon, with sensuous and delicate touch, has a great ability in not only composing but arranging also.
Park Je chun, the percussionist, has a unique drum set that combines both Korean and Western choice percussions. What is amazing is that he performs this drum set on the floor __ it comes naturally from the Korean culture and he finds it rather comfortable.
Having masterfully pioneered the free-improvisation music in Korea, Miyeon and Park have participated in many outstanding works of world- renowned music masters. In addition, they are sponsored by Korea Foundation and Korea Arts Management Service to travel around the world to perform music of their own style.(U.S, U.K, Germany, France, Denmark, Russia, Malta, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Turky, Alaska, Japan, H.K, China, Maleysia ,Mongol, Togo, Ghana, Zimbabewe, Congo, Egypt, Uzbekistan...)Miyeon (Piano)
Je Chun (percussion)

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  • Title: Miyeon&Park | Change 1
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