Model of southern Swedish cart plough

Magnus Persson1890

Nordiska Museet

Nordiska Museet

Model of the plough team with horses leading and oxen as draught animals. Beside the oxen is a woman in the rural dress of Skåne holding the reins of the two horses and behind the cart plough walks a man who controls the plough, with a whip in his right hand.

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  • Title: Model of southern Swedish cart plough
  • Creator: Magnus Persson
  • Date Created: 1890
  • More Information: The model shows what a plough team in the province of Skåne in southern Sweden looked like in the mid 1800s. The model was constructed around 1890 by Magnus Persson (1839-1912), who made a living as a wood-carver. In the southern province of Skåne and along the coast of Halland heavy ploughs that rested on wheels were used. Ploughs of this type were not used in other parts of Sweden. The weight of the plough and the stiffness of the soil in which they were used meant that several pairs of draught animals were needed when using a cart plough. Carl von Linnaeus describes this type of plough in his travelogue on the province of Skåne (1751). He writes that it was drawn by 3-7 pairs of draught animals and so the equipage required up to 7 drivers and one man behind the plough. This type of plough was first recorded in Skåne in 1171, and originated in Denmark. It is also known as a wheeled plough.
  • Materials and Techniques: Wood carving
  • Type: Agriculture
  • Rights: Photo: Mats Landin, © Nordiska museet
  • External Link: http://www.digitaltmuseum.se/things/modell-av-en-plog-frspnd-med-tv-hstar-och-tv/S-NM/NMA.0036960