Modern Palm Fan with Embroidered Bird Paradise

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

This palm fan was made in Xinhui of China’s southern Guangdong province. With neatly round shape of palm guards & ribs and smooth palm stem handles, Xinhui palm fans are known for complicated craftsmanship and great number of varieties. There are “glass white” palm fans, knit palm fans, palm fans with burned patters, etc. apart from the most common one.
This heart-shape knit palm fan, with embroidered bird paradise on the panel, shows a perfect integration of knitting and embroidery, making it an exquisite artwork.

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  • Title: Modern Palm Fan with Embroidered Bird Paradise
  • Physical dimensions: Length: 30.5cm, width: 24cm
  • Dates: Contemporary Times