Modern Ribbon-cutting Scissors of Zhang Xiaoquan Brand #N/A

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

This pair of scissors was tailor-made by the time-honored Chinese scissors brand “Zhang Xiaoquan” for the 2000 West Lake Exposition to cut ribbons on the opening ceremony based on the inspiration from the pagodas in one of the ten most well-known sceneries of the West Lake — “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon”.
This pair of scissors adopted the shape of the pagoda base for the finger bows, the pagoda finial for the blades and the round pagoda shaft the joint between blades and finger bows. As the year of 2000 marked the year of dragon according to Chinese zodiac, this pair of scissors had a dragon pattern engraved around its nail, with the curled dragon symbolizing the number “2” to correspond the three “0”s formed by the finger bows. On the back of the blades engraved sceneries of the West Lake, and an inscription of “Chinese scissors” can be found on the finger rest. The silver color of the scissors, coupled with the pagoda shape, exudes a sense of elegance and decorum.

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  • Title: Modern Ribbon-cutting Scissors of Zhang Xiaoquan Brand #N/A
  • Physical dimensions: Overall length: 23cm, maximal width: 8.5cm
  • Dynasty: Modern Times

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