Mother of God, Joy of Those Who Suffer icon

Unknown19th century

Maryhill Museum of Art

Maryhill Museum of Art

The Mother of God is shown here wearing a crown and holding a scepter in one hand and the crowned Christ Child in the other. A congregation of suffering humans is gathered below her. The seven standing saints at left are Sts. Zosima, Theodosia, Basil, Paul, Peter, Charalampos and Antipas. At right are Sts. Nikita, George, Anna, Cosmas, Damian, Nicholas and John Chrysostom. The figures in the left border are Sts. Basil the Priest, Makarius, Demetrios and Theodore the Monk. At far right are Sts. Artemios, Anastasia, Basil and Mary of Egypt. The Slavonic text below the Mother of God reads, “O All-hymned Mother, bearer of the holiest of holies Word, accept what we offer now, deliver us all from every attack, and deliver from the coming torment all those who cry to you.”

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  • Title: Mother of God, Joy of Those Who Suffer icon
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: 19th century
  • Location: Russia
  • Physical Dimensions: w22⅞ x h27⅜ in (complete)
  • Media: egg tempera on wood panel
  • Credit Line: Gift of Marie, Queen of Romania
  • Provenance: Collection of Maryhill Museum of Art
  • Type: Devotional image
  • Rights: http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/discover/about-maryhill-museum-of-art/press-room/images-for-publication