Mudpack Coiffure (Emedot)

Unknown20th century

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Casque-shaped wig with extended large flat chignon in rear; conical crown above forehead. Outer surface of chignon covered with human hair. Underside of chignon lined with cloth; hollow inner pocket used to carry valuables. Mud-plastered wig decorated with incised parallel lines. Distributed red, yellow and purple pigment on exterior. Between the crown and cap is a band of human hair; attached to the hair is a string of white, navy and red plastic beads. Inserted into aluminum rings at tip of crown and sides of cap are ostrich feathers; inserted into conical mound at top of coiffure are ostrich and chicken feathers. One aluminum ring remains empty on either side of cap. Condition: Crack in cap held together with gauze. Some feathers missing from aluminum rings.

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