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Art Center Nabi

nabi E.I.Lab (Emotional Intelligence Laboratory) is a creative art studio belonging to the Art Center Nabi, a digital art museum in Korea. The laboratory explores connection between arts and technology and study various research using future core technologies. nabi E.I.Lab mainly focuses on robotics, artificial intelligence, and data science, and presents derived creative projects and artworks.

The possibility of new artistic and cultural expressions requires continuous experimentation and reflection on the relationship between human and technology. nabi E.I.Lab aims to play an intermediary role to bring cultural needs to lively activities. To realize ‘humanizing technology’, collaborate science and technology, the humanities, and the arts is essential. Therefore, nabi E.I.Lab wants to play a center role in new culture that bridge human artistic sensibility with the possibility of technology by performing research through cooperation with various fields.

nabi E.I.Lab analyzes social phenomena from an artistic point of view and chooses new topics of each projects. It is an attempt to explore rapidly changing technologies and cultures, and to communicate with the public and society from a new perspective. The research that have been carried on to date under the theme of ‘Robot party: communication between machine and human emotion’, ‘Why Future Still Need Us: artificial intelligence and humanity’ ‘Neotopia: data and humanity.’ Every project and artwork have been completed through ‘creative interpretation’ and ‘technical interpretation’ of lab members.

The current members of the lab consist of experts in various fields such as artists, visual/interaction designer, UX/UI researcher, hardware and software developers. Since lab consist of various members, nabi E.I.Lab produce its own production, and collaborate with international artist, experts, and institution. The results of research are not confined to specific medium and create new values that combine technical possibilities and artistic sensitivity. In addition, the lab develops solution and educational program to communicate technology and arts through various approaches. Since nabi E.I.Lab established in 2015, the results of work were introduced at art festivals and exhibitions such as ELEKTRA Montreal digital arts festival (2017), 2017 Gwangju Design Biennale Special Exhibition, Holland Festival (2017), and Robotronica (2017).

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  • Title: nabi E.I.Lab